Sasha base

alexander "sasha" hel


sasha full power

Sasha summons his iron syth

sasha draws his syth

Sasha mad

sasha full moon upgrade

Sasha's glasses

sasha wearing his glasses

Sasha vs adepts

sasha launching himself twords the adepts during the final act of the trinity move

Sasha concept art

sasha concept art.


Alexander hel is nick named sasha, he is the desendent of king alexander and is a qwaser. a qwaser is a person who can use a type of element such as sasha is a iron user, but their are manipulater qwasers which are humans who were put through intense training to gain the powers of qwasers such as iron manipulaters who use soma to create a mangnet in their bodys to control substances. Sasha is a iron qwaser who uses a metal syth as a weapon forged from metal, he uses his syth in a hawk style position which means he holds his weapon high up and close to his chest like a hawk strikes with its wing high above its head and near its chest. Alexander's current maria is teresa who is a nun at their high school he honors teresa but shows no feelings twords her even though it seems teresa has feelings for him because in episode 24 tomo asks teresa "is it okay for him to date mafuya?" and teresa replies "if he's happy then i'm happy" which could mean she has feelings for alexander


Sasha has silver hair which was never told why but i predict it is because he is the legendary qwaser. He wears a black coat with a red cross on it with no sleeves which could mean he doesn't wear a shirt under his coat, another reason i say that is in episode 22 while him and mafuya were riding in a boat searching for the ancient temple under the sea he removes his coat and has no shirt under his coat.


Alexanders parents are unknown and he has no siblings except olja who promissed to take care of him before she was murdered by the "qwaser of gold". sasha became fond of mafuyu and tomo and concetered them as his family, a example of this is when tomo was kidnapped he swore to rescue her in a inraged voice as if he cared, also when mafuyu was a hostage he awoke in rage twords the sodium user "phoenix".his relationship twords mafuya increases after mafuyu gives sasha her soma to live after that he if fond and begins to feel feelings twords her.


Sasha battled many adepts and found some rivals that match his strength such as ekaterina "kate", elizabith "lizzy" and phoenix the qwaser of sodium.


at the end of episode 24 it is shown that the desendants of sasha and hana are partners while they attend the same highschool their ancesters did. this might fortell a season 2 !