Elizabeth ready to fight

lizzy prparing to fight

Lizzy and excalibar

lizzy draws excalibar

Lizzy concept art

elizabeth concept art


lizzy before fighting

Lizzys vision of being a prince

lizzy's imagination of being a prince


Elizabeth "lizzy" is an aluminum qwaser who uses a giant sword called excalibar, she is one of sashas rivals and is the dispile of the sodium user known as phioenix but to her "master". she is 13 1/2 and a skilled warrior with amazing swordsmenship. unlike her master she rushes into battles and strikes with the lion style which is when she leaps into battle without thinking like a lion jumps into battle and takes out its pray in seconds.she learns her masters tiger style after he is crushed and killed by sasha, she wants to kill sasha after her fallen masters death but his last words were "lizzy don't hold a grudge against sasha but join his side and fight with him" witch changed lizzys style and rage against sasha.


Elizabeth "lizzy" whears a black shirt with no sleeves and blue jean suspencers she has golden yellow hair and a headban in her hair witch symbolizes her masters will. she is swift and can move very easily move around in her suspencers then regular pants whitch is probally why she wears them.


Lizzy's parents and fellow vilagers were murdered by phoenix when she was 2 years old, she tried to defend herself using a stick. phoenix respected her courage and took her in as his own and trains her to be a warrior, unaware he was the man who killed all her family members and neighbors.once she discovered his secret about being the murderer she didn't care because she started to love him and said if he didn't do that she never would have met him or would never be the warrior she is today.


Lizzy's only rival is sasha, they had many battles and were equal in strength untill sasha mastered the pure blood sword technique whitch is a level 4 qwaser skill he even took down a level 6 qwaser with that skill.