Hana concept art

Hana concept art




Hana used to be a school bully in class 1-A but became kate's maria after being attracted to her and becoming bisexual. her soma is strong because she has small breast but in perfect shape, kate uses her as a slave and punishes her when she does wrong, but to hana punishment is a treat because hana loves to be hit only if it's from kate.


Hana wears a regular school uniform with a skirt like any other girl at school.She has brownish orange hair and is very intelagent she uses no weapon.


Hana's parents are not mentioned in this anime or manga so it is unknown if she gets along with her family. hana has a strong bond twords kate actally probally loving her.


Hana's daughter (or desendant, is not told) is sasha's son's (or desendant, is not told) partner and maria, her daughter (or desendant) has a strong resemblance to Hana which is why i think they are related.
Sasha n hana childs

Hana and sasha's desendants