teresa blushing



Young teresa

young teresa

Teresa ready to give her soma to sasha

teresa preparing to give sasha soma


Teresa is Sasha's maria which is a woman who gives his/her partner (the qwaser) soma (breast milk) to gain power, she has some feelings for sasha and is a nun at the highschool they go to. her parents were killed and the nuns took her in, her gardian was murdered and that made her snap and unleashed a great power witch summoned her angle bow and spike bows.

Teresa g

teresa running away

Teresa wears a black robe with a white blouse on the inside, she has orange hair with a hair pin in her hair which is a gift from her guardian.


Teresa has a strong bond with sasha, her partner. teresa's gaurdian was like her own mother thats why she plants her guardian taught her how to plant and teresa enjoyed it since she was young.

Favorite Quotes

I Can help, Please, may you rest in peace, aman, sasha!, the truth is reveled